There are a number of options to consider when deciding which service to access in the event of ill health. Qatar’s health system provides a wide range of care services and choosing the right one for your condition will enable you to receive the best care possible, as quickly as possible.

The guide below highlights a number of common conditions for which patients should visit either an emergency department, their primary health center or local pharmacist. Remember your local pharmacist is a valuable professional resource and if you feel unwell in the evening or over the weekend, local dispensing chemists tend to have longer opening hours than many healthcare clinics. Colds, allergies, rashes and mild pains can all be potentially treated or alleviated by OTC (Over-The-Counter) medications.


• Choose the right service so that you can be seen as quickly as possible, for the least cost and by the right doctor. 
• Be sure to have a valid Qatar ID and health card in order to benefit from greatly reduced medication costs.


• Go to an HMC emergency department with a condition which should be treated at a primary health center or Sidra Medicine Urgent Care Center. You may have to wait for many hours as the emergency departments prioritize seeing those patients with the most serious conditions first. 
• Call 999 unless you have a serious medical condition. Emergency departments and the Ambulance Service are only for the most severe injuries and conditions.

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