Patients with emergency medical conditions should visit their nearest emergency department or call 999 for an ambulance. Hamad Medical Corporation and a number of private sector hospitals have emergency departments

Which Hamad Medical Corporation hospitals have emergency departments?

• Hamad General Hospital
• Al Wakra Hospital 
• Al Khor Hospital 
• The Cuban Hospital 
• Heart Hospital (for patients with emergency heart conditions only) 
• National Center for Cancer Care and Research (for emergency cases related to cancer only) 
• Women’s Wellness and Research Center (for women with emergency gynecological and obstetrics conditions only) 

 What type of conditions should I go to an emergency department with?

Emergency departments are designed to care for the patients with urgent medical conditions. Patients presenting at an emergency department in Qatar are triaged on arrival to determine the severity of their condition. This allows the emergency teams to prioritize those patients with the most serious conditions and treat them first.

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